2 Corinthians 6:14 GNT
Do not try to work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right and wrong be partners? How can light and darkness live together?

The key word here is “UNBELIEVER“. Now go back and read that passage and really take your time to read it.

An unbeliever is more than just those who don’t share our faith or those we see as non-christians or pagans or those not a part of our religion but also those who can’t understand our vision, those who don’t buy the dream, those who say ‘it can’t be done’ or ‘it is impossible’, those who can’t comprehend the idea. Those not meant for our journey.

You see, while I was an undergraduate in the university I had a friend I liked very much and would often share with him some ideas I thought we could work on together and build on, but this young man could never comprehend them, even though he is a very brilliant man who graduated with a second class upper from the department of sociology and anthropology, OAU. And after sharing with him and listening to him rate the ideas I’d leave either feeling like it wasn’t worth the trial or it wasn’t what we should be working on or they were not good enough. And even the few ideas he bought, when it’s time for execution I’ll be left alone with the execution.

You know how i later confirmed those ideas were really good ideas? Because not long after I discuss each one with him, one random person would just spring up from nowhere within the school and become popular doing what I had just thought of and discuss and there I was unable to do anything with my brilliant ideas, simply because I shared them with a person who made me feel like they were not worth the trial.

When you identify such people in your life or around you, that’s an unbeliever and the only right thing to do is re-evaluate that alignment or friendship and dedicate less time to it because if you continue at the same pace in it then you might find yourself heading nowhere fast.

An unbeliever is not just the man who doesn’t go to church as you or mosque as you or practice the rituals you practice but also those who’s ideologies do not tally with yours and I’m not saying you should cut them off or they are bad, after all everyone and thing is useful for something, no matter how bad but you need to identify them so that you know how much time to give to listening and walking with them.

No matter how much you try to help the unbeliever see the big picture, he/she just can’t because from the beginning they never believed and so in that situation you must go out of your way to believe enough in that dream or idea and pursue it diligently so you can prove that all things are possible, just as the Bible says. Remember it only seems impossible because no one has done it or is doing it.

Be wise. The dream killer in your life might be whom you listen to and share with the most.

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