1. Communication and understanding is a key factor for bringing to reality pictures painted in the mind. (Gen 11:1)

If you must bring your dreams and God’s vision for your life into reality you must first be able to understand the dream, vision or picture in your mind and then you must be able to communicate it to those who are or will be instrumental to it’s building and reality.

Understanding in communication is key in this scenario. All ambiguity should be removed or reduced to it’s barest. If you cannot properly understand the vision , it’ll be hard to communicate it and implant it in the mind of anyone else which would make the task of bringing it into reality harder.

2. Finding or being in the right environment, situations, circumstances is also key for making your dreams a reality. (Genesis 11:2)

At every point in our lives, wherever we find ourselves is instrumental to shaping and forming our destinies. Understanding this and being placed in the right environment would either make or mar our destinies or help it faster or slow it down. For some people comfort is what their destiny requires and for others chaos helps.
Discover what environment or situation helps you function better and gravitate there.

3. When working on your dreams or when building your dreams be intentional about excellence. Shun mediocrity. (Genesis 11:3)

No it is not okay to be average, it is not okay to just build. Focus on excellence in building, get the best possible results available to you and not the easiest or cheapest results. Be efficient.

4. Know the goal, identify those who share the goal or vision, move with them, stay around them and don’t lose that identity. (Genesis 11:4)

Goats do not move with lions because their goal is to find grass and not meat and neither do lions move with goats. Identify with those who are like you, that is how you stay focused on the goal, that is how you become better at chasing and building that dream. Do not isolate yourself because when you move with those like you, you learn better ways to do it.

5. If you combine all these factors, nothing except God can stop you and nothing will be impossible to you. (Gen 11:6)

Genesis 11:6 And the Lord said, Behold, they are one people and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do, and now nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them.


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