As i read the book, “The Four Masteries” by Leke Alder, which was a gift to me from my elder brother, i now realise that since i started this blog series and i’ve written on several topics, with the goal to help young people irrespective of background or even old people, irrespective of time, fix their lives, get it right and become whom they should be, I haven’t written a lot on Faith.

“No man has yet attained greatness without faith” is a line i picked out from this powerful book by Leke Alder and i’ve held on to it since i found it.

Faith, according to the book is an irrational belief in the impossible. “An irrational”, in other words, an unexplainable, unreasonable, illogical, inexpressible belief in a thing.

Hebrews 11:1 describes Faith as “the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen”.

The first step to becoming is not to understand how the ‘mountain’ would be moved but to have faith that the mountain can be moved. It is not to understand how everything comes together but to believe that everything would come together. Faith is the foundation of anything that must be built or made.

Your faith doesn’t even need to make sense to everyone else, it doesn’t need to make total sense to you, you don’t need a complete idea of how you’ll go about it. Faith is powerful enough to move you and things to align towards your goal, faith galvanizes actions.

Everything we see today, we can see because someone had enough faith to keep pursuing until it became reality. This is not to say that doubts won’t come up and fear would not rear it’s ugly head but the answer to fear is Faith.

Silence your fears, amplify your faith. Nothing was ever made or created without faith.

Nothing was ever created without faith. Faith is the spiritual substance of anything that will or must exist in physical. Your faith must be strong enough to bring to reality your dreams, your faith must be strong enough to carry you through days of doubts and fears and storms.

The only thing that guarantees if your dreams would become reality is how far your faith takes you.

“Life is a series of closed doors. This is why we sometimes have a sense of frustration and helplessness and for some hopelessness. The doors open when a man of determination and conviction leans against them. These doors lead into the future and can only open one after the other.” – Leke Alder.

Master Faith. Nothing is impossible!

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