SCRIBBLES FROM THE BIBLE: The principle of Investing, posited by Jesus Himself

In this realm are so many doors that lead to different blessings already deposited in here and to open these doors you need to know what key opens what door, but that has been made easy because Jesus came to open our eyes and minds to these doors and their keys. Jesus left us with these keys in form of doctrines, principles and instructions that whichever is picked up, understood and aligned with in faith and consciousness, it has no choice but to work because God cannot lie and Jesus is the word of God.

Today we’re looking at why it may seem that some people whom already have keep getting more and those who don’t have keep losing. In other words why the rich keeps getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

Jesus said this;

Mark 4:25 “Those who have something will be given more, and those who have nothing will have taken away from them even the little they have.”

The question then becomes why and how?

Everything in this realm of earth that we have or possess is a capital to be invested and not just privilege to be enjoyed and one of the principles that govern this realm is ‘sowing and reaping or investing and profiting’.

Let me break this down.

Something even as common as time is a capital and however you use it or invest it determines if more will be given to you. Someone would then ask “how can one be given more time when everyone has 24 hours in each day?”

But look at it this way; if I employ you to work for me from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening, do you know that I’m not just getting your input, I’m also getting your time added to mine? So that’s 8 hours more I’ve acquired and time is the unit of destiny, So I’m not just taking your time but you’re pawning your time/destiny to get money and all of these is possible because I invested my own time in my destiny, I invested my own time to start something and because I’ve grown to the point of needing more time and I can’t naturally get more, I have to outsource more. And I’ve gotten the capital to buy more time so I buy more and more time means more money and more money means more time to do more and if I continue this cycle I’ll keep getting more.

My starting capital was just TIME. I gave my time to the universe in return for being able to build and own a system that can employ you. I studied and worked towards it, that was me investing my time. So all of those sacrifices came back to me in form of more time and so if you check it I never really lost any time, I even gained more.

Your brain or mind is also a capital, your money is also a capital and how you invest these things determines what you get and how much of it you get and this is the secret to being rich and staying rich. The rich man understands money as a tool, a capital and not just a privilege so when you see him giving it out so much or going into philanthropy, don’t think that he is stupid.

If you have nothing to invest into the universe then you should expect nothing from it, you’ll only keep crying and complaining about the unfair nature of life and even the little or the most common thing that everyone has(time) will be taken from you.

So whenever God blesses me with money i’m always very grateful and happy because He has handed me more capital in form of money to be invested back into the universe so that I can get either more money or more of something else. And every seed sown on earth must be reaped. Seed time and harvest will never cease. So my first instinct should not be how to spend this money but to look for ways of sowing this money into lives and into advancing my God given purpose and the more I do this, the more I grow and the more I grow, more is given to me.

These are some principles that have been working from time immemorial and won’t stop working.

So you must climb out of the rat race of always needing the universe to give you, you must start giving the universe and investing in it so that it can take care of you by yielding profits.

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