Jesus said, “But whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant” – Matthew 20:26

The Bible is a book filled with principles and answers to all of life’s questions and every word in the Bible, anyone can stake her/his life on.

A lot of people run around trying to amass as much money as possible with the view that when this is gotten then greatness can be acquired but greatness isn’t a shirt that can be bought or a car or food. Jesus in this passage, opens up our eyes to the principle behind greatness.

Our world today has mistaken greatness to mean a lot of things and by so doing we most often put the cart before the horse by chasing the things that should come as an after effect. Greatness is value, impact, influence, substance. Money is what locates a great man after he applies himself to the principles guiding greatness and that principle according to Jesus is service.

“To be great is to serve”, Jesus said. Look around you and point to one great man who hasn’t applied himself or still isn’t applying himself to service in one way or another.

Everyday more people are still fixated on putting the cart before the horse and so they go on making more avoidable mistakes.

Identify an area of need in people’s lives or a person’s life and serve with diligence and excellence. Look around you, human needs and wants are insatiable, identify one and serve.

When you serve in the area of people’s needs you can never be without value, impact or influence. But more than just serving, serve with an intent to be effective, excellent, diligent and have a goal while serving.

Service is also a system to keep you humble enough to be able to remain in your place of greatness. The more you serve, the greater you become.

Serving in the right capacity, where you’re needed and appreciated and with a goal is very necessary for greatness. Excellence in service always produces greatness, value and influence but shun mediocrity while serving. Be intentional about being better while serving.

To be great is to serve, put the first things first.

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