More often than not, “No” or “impossible” or “you can’t” are some of the things you’ll hear. You’ll be doubted both by yourself and others, blockades set on your path, tests will come up, get used to them. However, let me give you a weapon that’ll help in moments like these.

Matthew 20:29-31 tells us that As Jesus and His disciples were leaving Jericho, a large crowd was following. Two blind men who were sitting by the road heard that Jesus was passing by so they began to shout, “Son of David! Have mercy on us, sir!”.

The crowd scolded and told them to be quiet. But they shouted even more loudly, “Son of David! Have mercy on us, sir!”, Jesus found them and healed them.

This passage teaches us somethings;

Verse 30, tells us that the men were at a disadvantage. They were blind and could certainly not say for sure where exactly Jesus was standing or walking.

Secondly, a large crowd was following Jesus and so even if they were not blind and were to reach Him physically, they’d have to struggle hard to reach him but their situation was worse because they were blind and so it’ll be almost impossible for them even if they were to try their lucks to reach Jesus physically.

A lot of times, as we walk through life, we’re always at a disadvantage, and often times everything around us would make our journey seem impossible, other times our personal insufficiencies and inadequacies and personal doubts would be our biggest obstacle but guess what the blind men did?

The blind men understood their weaknesses and strengths, they knew that if they were to fight through the crowd to reach Jesus in order to get their miracle it’ll be almost impossible at the same time they recognised the strength they had strength in their voices and so they shouted instead.

They knew that even if their eyes weren’t working, their mouths were working. They didn’t change their pursuit, they changed their model. They saw their weaknesses but they chose to let their strengths propel them.

Maybe you’re giving too much strength to your weakness.

Let your strengths be enough reasons for you to try. You need to stop seeing reasons why it would never work, stop seeing reasons why you’re insufficient and start seeing ways it would work and why it should work. And even if you feel like you can’t find any strength within you, understand that God is your strength. Use Him.

In verse 31, the crowd shouted at the blind men, trying to stop them from getting what they needed, from reaching their goals, from accessing their blessings, from getting to their destination. But do you see what they did? They didn’t stop. They amplified their push, they increased their volume, they became more hungry. They screamed even more loudly. They saw through the stumbling blocks and remained persistent.

You need to increase your hunger and passion, You need to turn up the volume.

Look at it this way, the only reason you’re being asked to be quiet and everything and everyone is trying to stop you is because you’re being noticed, don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you stop.

Amplify your believe in God and His promises of an expected end for you, stand on this promise and keep fighting, keep pushing, push harder, pray harder.

Focus on your strengths, focus on why it will work, focus on the goal and not the things blocking you, pray the blocks out of your way. Fight the negative voices in your head, pray!

The blind men were already at a disadvantage but that never stopped them, what’s your excuse?

It finally paid off for them in verse 34, Jesus healed them.

Be intentional and persistent if it is what you want but make sure you have God on your side.

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