Galatians 6:7 says “Be not deceived, God is not mocked. What you sow you will reap”

Whilst faith is the propellant for actualising dreams and visions, the Bible says “what you sow, you will reap”.

This principle is not dependent on your righteousness or your religious affiliation. The Bible passage above didn’t say what a christian sows or what a believer sows.

Look at it this way, Faith is what propels you to act in accordance with what you believe or your vision. Faith in your vision and dreams is the seed, now how much of it you sow into your vision and chasing your vision determines how much and how fast you reap.

More than how much you give to your vision is also the quality(type of seed) of time, energy and resources.

The degree and quality of whatever you sow into your dream is what determines the level of excellence with which that vision would materialize.

Faith is a seed, it grows and as it does it so do you and as you grow so does your capacity and as your capacity grows you can do more in bringing your visions to fruition.

Invest in your faith, don’t see limitations, dream bigger, aim farther. That’s the power of faith. A man with not enough faith although might believe in his vision but would be mediocre at chasing it or becoming. So invest in your faith. Water it, feed it, seed it. Push your faith to new limits and watch it grow.

Life doesn’t favour your visions over the next man’s simply because you’re a believer or simply because you’re a Christian and he is not.

You don’t expect to get more by doing the same thing as the next man and putting the same amount of efforts as the next man.

“What you sow, you will reap

The principles in the Bible most times does not give preference to us because we are believers but they respond to our degree of alignment.

You’ve caught the vision, next is faith in the vision, seeding the faith and feeding it. The degree to which you sow and the quality of seeds you sow determines what, how much you reap and how fast you reap you.

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