John the Baptist was also a preacher but was better known for listening to people’s confessions and baptizing them, the Bible in Matthew 3:5 says that people came to him from Jerusalem, Judea and from all over the country near the Jordan river. They confess their sins and he baptized them with water.

Has it made any sense to you yet why people pay so much for a piece of art? Or why people travel far to see someone play a musical instrument? Has it made any sense yet why people pay millions to hear specific people speak? After all anybody can speak.

It is the concept of value at play.

For most people, buying fame and taking the shortcut without any real value to back it up or serve as the reason or focus for the fame seems like a better idea and so they’re just famous without any real purpose, goal or value and 99.9% of the time this always ends in disaster.

The Bible says that John was a preacher but was better known for baptizing people and people would come to him from far and wide.

When you invest in yourself enough to be exceptionally valuable, fame and fortunes locates you and you wouldn’t need to keep racking your brain on how to sustain it. You just need to keep investing in yourself, being consistent in the same areas that created the value that people are now seeking you for.

Another thing you must know is that it doesn’t matter how ‘insignificant’ you think the value or solution you’re trying to create is or how simple it looks to you, I can tell you that people are searching for it and are willing to pay top dollar for it. It now depends on how excellent you are at that ‘simple’ thing, how dedicated and consistent you are with it and knowing whom your market audience are (basically people who need that solution or value).

In my country, people who sell sachet water are considered as being at the very bottom of the climb to wealth but do you also realize that some people own these sachet water companies and some rake in millions daily? And here’s the reason it is that way:

  • They’ve found their target audience which is a country with close to 200 million people, a population blessed with young and abled people whom are constantly on the go from one place to another and need a quick and cheap but quality and efficient way to refresh their bodies while on the go.
  • They’ve invested enough in themselves to not just remain at the mediocre level of just selling the products but making the products.
  • They’ve remained consistent and intentional.

Since the invention of sachet water in Nigeria, there has never been a scarcity of sachet water and so there has never been a time when Nigerians woke up worrying that they would never get water to drink unless sachet water isn’t accessible to them or they can’t afford it at that moment.

I repeat, it does not matter how ‘insignificant’ you think the solution or value you’re creating is, people are searching for it but you need to be so good at it that your work announces itself, you also have to find those who need it.

In my country again, there is a food called “garri”, which is basically cassava flakes or powder. Garri has no TV adverts, or radio jingles or social media accounts or front-page newspaper ads but it remains the most sort after and most consumed food item in Nigeria every year since Nigeria was born and even before. That is the concept of value at play.

But don’t get me wrong, people would not just pay you the amount you ask because you ask it or because you’re rendering a service or because you’ve created a solution or value around what you do but they’ll pay you the exact value of whatever your service or solution you’ve created is to them and how good you really are at it. So if you feel like you’re under paid, change your market to those with more value for what you do or invest some more in yourself or do both.

People are naturally selfish so don’t think it’s about you when they don’t pay you what you think you’re worth but being really good at what you do and finding those who can afford the level of investment you put into what you do would be a great way to go.

The Bible says in Matthew 4:2 that Jesus spent forty days and nights without food in the desert and He did this to make sure that He isn’t mediocre at His calling (purpose), His value. And then when He came out from the place of pruning and mastery, the Bible says that news about Him and His works spread and large crowds followed Him.

He didn’t need to advertise Himself or even locate His audience, they located Him, which means if you work on yourself so much that you’re exceptional, greatness will find you.

Are you chasing fame? Or are you working on your value? Work on yourself, invest in yourself, grow your value, be good at it and fame will come. Don’t chase fame or fortunes, it will destroy you if there’s no real purpose. Focus on what you’re good at because when the fame and fortunes begin to come in it is your focus on your value and love for what you’re doing that’ll keep you level headed and humble enough to keep learning and growing yourself because the moment someone who is better than you at what you do is discovered, attention will shift and so you have to keep being better.

Invest in yourself!

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