A lot of people have missed their destinies because they were too busy moving with the crowd, a lot of people are stuck trying to be like everyone else that they’ve lost sight of their purpose.


Separation is very key and useful to protect your destiny. Separation doesn’t necessarily mean living under a rock somewhere in the Amazon forest. Separation could be you removing yourself physically from situations and environments that might inhibit your growth.

In Matthew 2:13, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to get up and take the child (Jesus) and His mother and escape to Egypt and stay there until he was told otherwise.
In Abraham’s journey on earth he had to seperate himself from things and people that might be a stumbling block on his path to destiny. He did it when he separated from his father and kinsmen in Genesis 12:1-4, he also did it when he separated from his nephew, Lot in Genesis 13:9-12. Jesus did same in Matthew 4:12-17.

The first thing God does when He chooses you for a special purpose is He separates you, some examples includes; Jesus, Samuel, Abraham, Joseph the son of Jacob and many more. And in some cases, He isolates you from the world, situations and things that might be a deterrent to His purpose for your life.

In this place of separation growth happens and during this growth there are lots of tests and temptations that God allows.


Matthew 4:1 says that “Jesus was led by the spirit of God into the desert to be tempted by the devil”.

Not every tests and temptations in your life is as a result of your sin or because God has forsaken you. In this situation, Jesus did not just go into the desert by His own volition but was led there by the spirit of God. Mind you, this was just after He had been baptized and empowered by the Spirit of God for ministry and the heavens had been opened to Him. So it couldn’t have been because of His sin or because God was not with Him or because the devil was stronger. On the contrary it was done to prove that it is possible to overcome the temptations and distractions of the devil.

Verse 2 says that after Jesus had spent forty days and nights fasting, as expected He was hungry then in verse 3 the devil came to Him and said; “If you are God’s son, order these stones to turn to bread”.

Do you see how crafty the devil is? Do you see how strategic his move was?

In one sentence, just one move there was Temptation, Distraction and Intimidation.

Did you also notice that he came when Jesus was really hungry and used the one thing Jesus really wanted at that time to tempt Him. When going through your period of tests, the devil would not use things you can overcome easily to tempt you. When you’re broke he’ll use money, when you’re sad he’ll use temporary pleasures, when you feel lonely he’ll use wrong or bad company and so on.


So the only way to ensure you stay ahead of him is to stay equipped with the word of God because just as separation is God’s strategy for remolding, it is also a very dangerous and important time for the devil.

Jesus replied him in verse 4 saying; “Man cannot live by bread alone, but need every word of God”.

1) Two things stand out in this reply: Food in this situation is a temporary solution to a permanent hunger and that’s all the devil can offer; a temporary fix. 2) Your most potent weapon against the devil is the word of God.

Even after Jesus rebuked the devil the first time with the word of God, the devil didn’t just stop there, he kept trying till verse 9 but one thing was consistent, everytime the devil came to tempt Jesus, Jesus always had the right words from God to silence him and you see because the devil has no real power and his 3 strategies are;

  • Temptation
  • Distraction
  • Intimidation

He lost!


Here comes the sweet part 😁

The bible says in verse 11 that the devil left Jesus and angels came and helped Him.

Maybe, just maybe God is waiting for you to pass His tests so you could be sure of your capacity to receive more from Him, so He can trust you with more, so you can operate higher than you presently are or maybe just maybe you’re still proving the devil right that you’re still under his control and that is why he keeps using that same thing to manipulate you and keep you stuck at one stage.


The bible says that the devil left and angels came and helped Him. So it is actually possible to understand the devil’s tricks and keep beating him at his own game and force him to flee from you. The devil tried 3 times when Christ was at His weakest physically, using things His flesh shouldn’t be able to resist but he failed but most of us fail at the first test and yet we want to be the demonstration of God’s power. Stop being a joke!

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