God called Abraham in Genesis 12 and gave him instructions asking him to leave his country of birth, promising to bless nations through him and make his name famous and at seventy-five (75) years of age, Abraham and his wife and their belongings, not minding their age or weakness moved from one place to another till God told them to stop, that they had found the place promised to them, which was the land of Canaan.

In Genesis 13:16, God again promised to give Abraham so many descendants that no one would be able to count them all but still at ninety-nine (99) years of age the prophecy had still not manifested. But God didn’t stop reiterating His promises to Abraham and Abraham kept moving in the consciousness of the promises and instructions God had given him.

In Genesis 17:7, God promised that His covenant with Abraham will be an everlasting one, covering his future generations but there was a instruction attached to this and it must be adhered to by Abraham and his descendants.

At the age of (hundred) 100, finally Isaac showed up, the first manifestation of God’s promise to give Abraham many descendants. It took 25 years for the first manifestation and still Abraham continued in trust, moving with a consciousness of this promise and he consciously passed this down to his son.

In Genesis 24:6 and 7, when it was time for Isaac to find a wife, he instructed that Isaac does not go back to his (Abraham) father’s land because God had promised to give him the land they stood on and also his descendants. Abraham was conscious of that promise and was still walking in that consciousness.

In Genesis 26:2-5, God appeared to Isaac and repeated same promise He had made to Abraham (Isaacs father).

In Genesis 28, when it was time for Jacob (Isaac’s son) to find a wife, Isaac gave an instruction to Jacob on where and how to get his wife and this was in consciousness of the promises of God. In 28:3, Isaac’s prayer to his son and his new marriage were; “May the Almighty God bless your marriage and give you many children, so that you will become a father of many nations”. Do you notice this prayer was Isaac passing down the promise of God to his father down to his son?

In Genesis 32:28, after two generations of testing, faithfulness and obedience to God’s promises, the nation Israel was born and to mark this, Jacob’s name was changed from Jacob to Israel and up until today Israel still stands and has birthed and influenced other nations.

A promise or prophecy is not a guarantee that it will happen if we don’t align with it and move in its consciousness.

The devil is always working hard to ensure that we don’t enter into God’s plans and promises and expected end for our lives. So we must go through life with an intentionality to bring to pass all that the Father has said concerning us.

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