In the book of Matthew 8, Jesus came into the town of Gadara and immediately the demons that tormented 2 men for so long saw him, they recognized him. On sighting Jesus, the demons knew that the Light of God that brings good change is around and so they begged profusely and resisted but Jesus went ahead and healed the men off these demons and when the people around saw this they ran into town and told everyone what had happened and guess what happened next? The people of that town came and begged Jesus to leave their territory.

Ordinarily, i’d think that they’d be happy that the ‘fixer’ was in their midst, i’d also think that they’d run home to get everyone they know in need of healing. I’d think that they’d be happy the tormented men were healed but No, they asked Jesus to leave and then my eyes was opened to some truths:

  • For demon powers to be so comfortable to dwell in a place for so long and manipulate the people so much it means they found a conducive and enabling environment. It means they found strongholds that enable their stay and continuous access and activities in that town and didn’t want to lose that.
    • Check the territory you’re trying to bring change to, deal with the things that stand as strongholds against the change you’re bringing. These strongholds could be people, patterns, systems etc.
  • Darkness detests light and would resist it by all means but if the light is more powerful (and light always is), then the darkness has no choice but to beg or succumb just like the demons did.
    • Focus on being the change you’re trying to bring and not a mediocre, be the change and don’t just talk about it and people will succumb to what they can see evident in you.
  • Change, No matter the type, is resisted.
    • Expect some resistance but if you’re true then you need not fear the resistance, just go on being true.

Whatever Change you’re trying to bring will be resisted. Expect it.

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