(For marriage and courtship)

This series is primarily for those intending to get married. And secondarily for those trying to fix their marriage.

So, the people of Babel set out on a mission to build a tower that’ll touch the skies so they could make a name for themselves and their most effective machinery and tool was communication. Look at this…

Genesis 11:1
At first, the people of the whole world had only one language and used the same words.

Genesis 11:4 They(the people of Babylon) said, “Now let’s build a city with a tower that reaches the sky, so that we can make a name for ourselves and not be scattered all over the earth.”

Genesis 11:5 Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which they had built,

Genesis 11:6 and he said, “NOW THEN, THESE ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE AND THEY SPEAK ONE LANGUAGE; this is just the beginning of what they are going to do. Soon they will be able to do anything they want!

This principle can be applied to any facet or part of life.

Communication and understanding are key components of a healthy relationship.

After reading these scriptures, I realised this; “Be it in marriage or courtship or what-so-ever relationship, if both the speaker and listener can understand each other, there is no limit to what they can achieve together and even God understands this.

It is almost impossible to have a relationship without communication and if it must be a good and healthy relationship then they must both possess good communication and listening skills. This is one of the wisdoms needed for marriage.

Once the parties involved speak and understand each other’s love language, visions, goals, purpose, beliefs and choose to align in these things then there is almost no stopping them.

Without good communication then issues can’t be sorted out amicably, it’ll keep evolving into fights and disagreements instead of agreements and understanding. Sooner than later, one or both parties would entirely start avoiding communication because they’ll feel like everytime they try to communicate, it’ll always bring up quarrels that they are not ready to handle.

If one must make a marriage or relationship work he/she must learn communication, otherwise they are fighting a losing battle or building a house fated to collapse.

After all, all the peoples of the world, according to Genesis 11:1 spoke the same languages but the people of Babel could communicate with and amongst themselves properly, which is why they could come up with a common goal and work towards it and if God had not stopped them then there was no stopping them.

If yourself and your partner can’t communicate effectively with each other then this is a red flag to abort that relationship before it leads to marriage and if you’re married already, find a solution to this quick.

Communication is key to building a healthy and formidable relationship/marriage.

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