Luke 8:41 Then a man named Jairus arrived; he was an official in the local synagogue. He threw himself down at Jesus’ feet and begged him to go to his home,

Luke 8:42 because his only daughter, who was twelve years old, was dying.
As Jesus went along, the people were crowding him from every side.

Luke 8:49 While Jesus was saying this, a messenger came from the official’s house. “Your daughter has died,” he told Jairus; “don’t bother the Teacher any longer.”

Luke 8:50 But Jesus heard it and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; only believe, and she will be well.”

In studying the life and ministry of Jesus, I’ve noticed something, Jesus always emphasised; ‘Faith’ and ‘Belief’.

In earlier episodes, I’ve written on “Belief”, but today I want us to take actionable steps to inculcate this system into our lives so that we can truly understand it.


  • Write out 3 things or less you hope to achieve, get done or receive this week. Don’t worry about how herculean or difficult they seem, just write them out on a paper.
  • Write out steps you think need to take to achieve them. It’s okay if you don’t know the steps you’re to take, just skip this step.
  • Now, pray on that list you’ve made every morning when you wake up and evening before bed, say this: Heavenly Father, the Bible says in Proverbs 16:3 that I should commit my activities unto you and my thoughts shall be established. Father I’m committing my activities, plans and request for this week unto you, please direct me, help me. In Jesus name I ask. Amen.

Then go about your week believing without doubt. Then come back and tell me your testimonies. If it works for you, repeat it every week and in every area of your life you need God’s help.

As you do this, please be sensitive to the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit, because sometimes we miss our miracles because we don’t move the way God moves us.

I await eagerly to hear your testimonies. God bless you and have a great week. If it’s according to God’s will for your life, you’ll receive all that you’ve asked.

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