About Me

Fortune E. Erondu

Fortune Erondu is a Nigerian visionnaire, positive change influencer, writer, speaker and philanthropist.

Raised in relative comfort in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria. He developed a passion for helping people at a young age. His teenage and early adult years were characterized by rebellion, chaos and substance abuse that almost took his life. After so many years of unsuccessfully trying to quit that life of chaos and confusion, in the year 2020, after a near-death experience he successfully said goodbye to that life and took seriously the spiritual journey he started in the year 2018. This journey was so that he could figure out the essence of life, the source of life and his place in it. He successfully figured it all out, now he runs with the vision to help as many young people as possible avoid the life of chaos he successfully escaped and build them into leaders, pioneers and captains of industries.

He presently writes books filled with life lessons that are changing lives and impacting wisdom.

He also runs a series of articles tagged “scribbles from the Bible” on his blog (fortuneerondu.wordpress.com) where he writes about principles applicable to everyday living and journey towards becoming. These principles gotten from the Bible, equip whomever finds them with tested and trusted guide to success.

He also runs a series of podcast on Audiomack that aims to share his personal insights and views on things he has learnt or knows about life and some issues in it.

He runs an outreach program that identifies young, gifted people between the ages of 5-25 and mentors them into success stories and leaders. This outreach provides scholarships, rehabilitation, organize seminars, donations to children homes and orphanages, mentorship and spiritual guidance.

He leads men/women to God.