To see a world where all systems and industries are operated and led by good and quality leaders.


Because good leadership starts with good education, our mission is dedicating every resource at our disposal to identifying gifted young people and making sure that they can access quality tools, knowledge, materials, conducive environment and mentorship needed for learning and becoming good leaders.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” —John Maxwell



The outreach currently caters for underage, out of school children, children without parents or from extremely poor backgrounds and encourage them to go back to school. We provide reading and writing materials for some of our mentees in primary and secondary schools as well as enroll them in the public school system.


The outreach currently provides counselling for mentees in need of it. We hope to some day build a standard rehabilitation center where we can properly administer treatments to those in need of any kind of rehabilitation.


The outreach periodically organizes seminars to recruit new mentees and also educate as many as possible that find themselves on a journey to self-discovery and becoming.

Mentorship and Spiritual guidance

The outreach also gives guidance to mentees and connect mentees to mentors, to aid their smooth sail through life to becoming.

Donations to orphanages and children homes

The outreach also donates food items, clothes, sanitary items and reading materials to orphanages.